About Deyaar Oman Development & Investment

Deyaar Oman Development & Investment is an Omani Company
founded in 2019 in the Sultanate of Oman and is the real estate development arm of Shumookh Investment & Services SAOC, as it provides its investment and real estate services through it.

Deyaar Oman Investment and Development Company is a purely Omani company whose main focus is on investing in real estate development. It also seeks to provide a diversity of distinguished and safe options that touch the desires and needs of investors, infrastructure, and all segments of society. Deyaar Oman works on developing and managing projects and aims to maximize investors' profits and provide real solutions that enhance the value of its investments by establishing close relationships with its list of investors, tenants, and buyers in all service institutions.


Strengthening our position among the leading companies in the field of real estate development to be one of the best integrated real estate companies to build a stable customer base, and build trust with investors, developers, tenants, and buyers to ensure our continued progress towards the desired goal.


Creating a civilized environment that meets the highest standards that the Sultanate of Oman aspires to and has a clear role and imprint in the success of real estate development projects and services of the highest quality, while providing the appropriate work environment to achieve its successes at a professional level.


The company’s mission is focused on providing distinguished real estate opportunities and services, as well as developing, selling, and renting real estate so that we are the first choice for investors who are looking for quality and honesty in developing various real estate projects to develop infrastructure, in addition to real estate investment and project implementation in our company, which ensures the overall quality of work.
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A message from our CEO

Deyaar Oman Development and Investment Company “Deyaar Oman” was established in 2019 as a 100% owned company of Shumookh Investments and Services, the investment arm of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates “Madayn”, which is now one of the well-established real estate companies in the Sultanate of Oman.

Since the beginning of Deyaar Oman, it started with modest works in the industrial areas owned by Madayn, but with Deyaar Oman future aspirations, it turned out that there is an excellent real estate opportunity in the services sector within the industrial cities, and there is an opportunity for the developer who invests, plans and prepares the infrastructure to come up with an integrated project with all the facilities required, and therefore this developer serves the community, makes profits, helps the national economy and contributes to the comprehensive development of our beloved country. As a new beginning for Deyaar Oman, it gathered the same team that was distinguished by the spirit of teamwork and its high experience in the projects that were completed in Shumookh Investment and Services Company،to continue the same path of success and do business through market survey and feasibility study, planning, development, financing, and implementation to start this journey. 
Proceeding from the principle of expertise and intellectual excellence, Deyaar Oman has implemented many commercial projects in the industrial areas of Madayn (Samail Industrial City, AlMazunah Free Zone, Rusayl Industrial City, and Knowledge Oasis Muscat "kom"). The main turning point for the company was when it started to develop the first integrated and unprecedented residential and commercial complex in the Sultanate of Oman with full facilities, which is now considered one of the most important upcoming projects in "kom" along with a global project. It is a school project with international standards that we are developing.

The success we have achieved and the high reputation in the market that we have achieved in a short time of operation, is not only the result of persistence and continuous efforts, but also thanks to the commitment of the Deyaar Oman team, transparency, honesty, and honesty. High morals. Moreover, we focus on the high quality of our projects to produce commercial and residential edifices that reflect the highest international standards. Our goal is also to provide our customers with first-class products to gain their satisfaction and exceed their expectations, and at the same time to achieve a profitable return for our partners.

We aspire to more success and success from God, and we hope to serve our dear homeland.
Ahmed Al Zakwani
CEO, Deyaar Oman

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Our properties are located in Madayn cities.

Our Values

During the performance of our work, we are committed to the general principles of work to form our identity, represented by our corporate values.
Honesty & Integrity
 All our decisions and actions are based on integrity and honesty.
Goal Setting
We believe in goals and stick to them.
We look forward to being a reliable entity.
We are committed to transparent ethical values.
Initiative and flexibility in the performance of our work.
Quality and awareness of market changes.
Commitment to achieving economic transformation under the leadership of the Sultanate's government.

Want to work with us?

Deyaar Oman provides an inclusive and exciting work environment that encourages growth and professional success. Send your CV to us and we will get in touch.
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